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REVIEW The Flesh and the Devil 107 The Duue's wealth and rank could supply Juana with pleasures beyond her wildest dreams and suffering that she could only glimpse in the. Wow what a weird and beautiful book My expectations were pretty high because it s so rare as is Denys only other novel The Silver Devil and they were met for the most part The premise is pretty simple Girl is sold off into marriage to a faceless duke and danger and passion occur in the most unexpected ways with love and hatred being eual motivesWhat I loved most was Denys economy of language She manages to convey the dilapidated and rotting Spanish nobility and all its various parasites with vivid characters that are described with sharp brushstrokes Sometimes it can verge on the repetitious the heroanti hero Felipe Trist n is described as speaking tonelessly or unemotionally a lot but often it was used to great effect to describe a cast of characters from a nightmarish Goya family portrait There are in bred royal by blows indebted countesses turned procurers greedy uncles lustful and conniving aunts and peasants who will do anything to survive in a kingdom overtaxed and ruled by a social class unworthy of the responsibilityIn the middle of this is Juana de Arrelanos a merchant s daughter who is ripped away from her sweetheart to marry the Duue de Valenzuela While not of the nobility she is imperious with the standing that her family s money gives her and is determined that this marriage nonsense will not go through Unfortunately there are parties that are eually determined that the marriage will or will not in the case of His Majesty Philip IV happen and they don t much care what happens to the bride in the process of their machinationsIt s got a very gothic feel to it as Juana is trapped under the spell of insanity and secrecy that hangs in the air of the Castillo de Beneventes Providing much of the tension and threat especially to Juana s sense of who she really is under the stiff exterior of a proper Spanish lady is the Duue s handler Felipe Trist n He s a giant of a man with flame copper hair a scarred face and an attitude that just dares a person to mess with him and walk away Is he a tool to break Juana s will or does he have a mission of his ownI have to admit that I really loved this character even though he was an emotionless and mentally abusive bastard throughout most of the story with a few exceptions One of those things a reader can t explain I like what I like He and Juana have a fierce attraction to each other and neither is willing to admit it and it takes the two of them through murders and other dangers and complications sometimes self inflicted since this is nominally a romanceMy gripes are few since this was a beautifully engrossing book There are coincidences and conveniences throughout although Felipe Trist n s backstory comes into the plot and is revealed uite tidily towards the end a bit too HEA for my tastes Juana stupidly charges right into danger often though always manages to escape sometimes without aid so bully for her and he and Juana s distrust of each other continues right until almost the very last page It was a bit annoying to still have them at loggerheads so close to the end but eh whatever There s a lot that makes up for itThe sex isn t graphic no weeping members or dewy lady petals and I thought it was made intense and smokin for it especially the first encounter between Felipe and Juana Caveat lector it s borderline rapeforced seduction Three words and a verb had me fanning myself Although there were some bodice ripper elements Denys style was unlike what is typical of pure historical romance and so it really is in a category of its ownIf you like overwhelming and dominating heroes plenty of intrigue and tension with an intriguing portrait of glorious Spain in decline then it s worth scrounging up a copy They re expensive 31 and up so try library loan It s how I got my copy and now I ve got to read about the Habsburg dynasty Ever see the lineage of the last Spanish Habsburg king Not a whole lot of branches in that there family treeThis book review has been provided by the No Book Left Behind Campaign A Bodice Ripper Readers Anonymous group initiative to review the un reviewed

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REVIEW The Flesh and the Devil 107 Tal action by scar faced Felipe the arrogant protector could conjure her escape but his protection she finds demands humiliating paymen. For my comments and uotes while I read a way in depth look at my thoughts Buddy Read The Flesh and the DevilThe beginning of this was really enjoyable there was a great eerie Gothic tone that had mysteries and villains seemingly in the shadows everywhere with our young extremely sheltered heroine Juana betrothed to a lunatic Unfortunately the mysteries and villains get wrapped up perfectly uickly and a lot of things happen disappointingly off screen The middle introduces new villains but again dealt with pretty uickly and from there things kind of meander into an unceremoniously mellow with added too perfect bow moment ending The romantic relationship between the leads started off with some heat spark and burn as they clashed but then in Bodice Ripper fashion the hero rapes the heroine the author clearly writes this as rape with minimal Juana foggily in her mind thinking her body could be responding and with not a lot of emotional growthconnection featuring later in the story between the two I lost their beginning chemistry The author did a fantastic job of setting the place and time there was some inserted political talk but my favorite was Juana s personal growth Juana goes from being a purposefully sheltered naive girl to a solid capable woman and the author did a wonderful job showcasing all the bumps in the road it took her to get there

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REVIEW The Flesh and the Devil 107 Realms of nightmare For the perfumed silks of her master's bedchamber concealed the depravity of an unbalanced mind Only swift and bru. Whoathis romance could never be written today LOL Felipe Tristan is so dark and unscrupulous He has no ualms about going after what he wants So yes there is a boatload of dubious consent and it s very dubious So be forewarned If you hate that kind of thing you won t like this book With my penchant for bad guys though I found Tristan damn intriguing He has a nasty scar across his cheek I got the impression it was half a Glasgow grin like the Joker which made me like him even Denys describes him as having a great deal of menace and icy control He speaks to Juana with veiled courtesy so she s never uite sure where she stands with him Although the reader does I rather love the way Denys writes There s an elouence and sensuality to her prose that gives the reader the feel and ambiance of 17th century Spain I remember in the beginning Denys describes the Duue s estate Casillo Benaventes with its iron balustrades and the gaudy frescos and I felt like I had been transported there Her characters address each other with a formality and stiffness that feels like another time period And everybody is so shifty and underhanded Poor Juana de Arrelanos the heroine has been dropped into a snake pit As for the heroine I didn t mind Juana She does a couple of stupid things that made me shake my head and I thought she was rather rude to Tristan at first Yet that fits seeing how she s a proud young noblewoman Her character does go through a character arc and her perception definitely changes At first she truly can t stand the sight of Tristan and she s every bit the highborn lady I remember reading in another book about how when the Spanish ladies of the court walked across a room it appeared as if their shirts were floating across the floor I can believe Juana does this 1 What did you think of the plotstory line I thought the storyline was a bit like The Perils of Pauline Juana gets in one life threatening scrape after another This is especially true of the last half of the book which I couldn t set down Yet it s not always Tristan saving her Denys surprised me a few times because things didn t always turn out the way you might expect She s a very unpredictable author2 What was your favoriteleast favorite part view spoilerMy favorite part was the end when Tristan and Juana finally came together and admitted their love I don t think I ve read an ending so satisfying since Pride and Prejudice It felt so good to have these two finally talk everything out I actually read the end twiceMy least favorite part was how the character of Bartolome was handled Every horrible trait imaginable was handed to him Not only is he horribly disfigured and mentally slow he s a sadistic pervert I think it s so unfair to make him not only look monstrous but be monstrous on the inside I would have preferred if he had been handled with a little bit compassion Although for the plot to move as it did he had to be cruel hide spoiler