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  • Doc Featherstones Return Lost Shifters #24
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  • 05 April 2018
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Doc Featherstones Return Lost Shifters #24 Free download è 4 Tone has harbored a secret attraction for the spunky Hawk shifter for a long time But he has kept his distance afraid that their age difference would be too big to overcome But once he hears that Ash is in dire need of his help Joshua runs back to the coalition Will he make it in time Or has Ash turned to the darkness forev. This was weird for me I didn t really feel a connection between these two in this book view spoiler Ash is recovering from serious wounds almost the entire time he doesn t even know the Doc s first name which promotes a lack of intimacy and these two are in love with each other with no true conversations or time spent with each other a bit too much to swallow for me Then add on top of that the lack of sex until very close to the end again shows lack of intimacy with the MC s Even with Ash no useful legs there is such a thing as kissing which is actually intimate than sex anyways hide spoiler

Summary Doc Featherstones Return Lost Shifters #24Doc Featherstones Return Lost Shifters #24

Doc Featherstones Return Lost Shifters #24 Free download è 4 D loved ones fear they will lose him forever Desperate they think that the only one who can give him the will to live is Doc Featherstone the one man that Ash has ever shown any interest in The problem is Doc Featherstone has returned to his family to recover from his own wounds from the attackBobcat shifter Joshua Feathers. Wow this book was a typical Hecht book as it seems I thought this woman would at least have some ups and downs but this book definitely did not help in that regardOriginally I wanted to read it because this one featured a Native American Hecht has the tendency to make her characters act like Americans but at the same time claim that they are not humans something she never managed to reconcile or even make believable but that fell flat since the character is nothing like that and as usual doesn t fit the picture on the cover It is plain and boring the characters are over the top and go from zero to hero in less than a few seconds especially Ash does I would go so far as saying that the guy is bipolar but not even that can be applied hereThe author constantly tries to make everyday stuff that every halfway smart person would have figured out already look like the work of a genius Not to mention that everything is totally predictable well if you care about thinking about this sort of thing that is I knew Ash would be able to walk again despite his injuries being so severe I knew Doc would be the one to top Ash can t be anything else in a Hecht book Ash is a twink and also younger than Doc so Doc must be the top I could and did skip pages just to be sure and BOOM there it was just like I predicted I saw the pseudodrama coming I saw that the two being together would be no big deal etc etcI had no desire to read this book any further there was simply nothing to gain from it in any way

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Doc Featherstones Return Lost Shifters #24 Free download è 4 This edition is no longer available The republished edition is now #25Sometimes the ones you love the most are the hardest to saveEver since Hawk Shifter Ash suffered near fatal wounds in a Raven attack he has slumped into a deep depression Now unable to walk let alone shift he has lost his spark for life and his friends an. 10 StarSo I didn t DNF I should ve but I didn t I was close but I flew this wounded duck till the very end sigh It sucked I didn t like it My problem Doc Featherstone What kind of hero leaves the person who took six count em SIX bullets and lost the use of his legs to save your sorry ass Um a pretty shitty one in my book Ash had the hugest crush on Doc Joshua Featherstone forever Joshua had been nothing but mean and condescending to Ash Despite this when Joshua s life was in danger Ash used his body to cover Joshua taking six bullets two near his spine that cost him the use of his legs Afterwards Joshua took off going home to recover Did he call to check up on Ash No Did he send a get well card Uh uh He uietly sat by the fireplace sipping whiskey That s where he was when Shane found him and dragged him back to the coalitionUpon arrival at the coalition Joshua immediately started in on Ash Why aren t you eating Why aren t you going to rehab You know what asshole Back the fck off While Ash was pissed off at first he forgave Joshua sans an apology in about two effing pages Argh I m sorry but Joshua was a ginormous coward and an asshole of epic proportions I gave him a chance I read through the entire book but he failed to redeem himself in my opinion I loathed him and I couldn t stand that Ash went ga ga over him with nothing than a Here eat this jello I m not leaving this time Fuck that I ve cut the characters in this series a lot of flack because let s face it it s PNR they re shifters and this is obviously fantasy land But Joshua was the antithesis of heroic in my book He took no responsibility for being a pussy and running away He didn t apologize or anything I simply couldn t Stand Him On another note SH is upping the in your face violence factor and I for one am not a fan view spoilerScarlett s murder attempt and suicide WTF And SH covers the whole mess in 15 pages from Scarlett being dagger wielding crazy to Shane et al planning her a warrior s funeral Whatever hide spoiler