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  • The Science of Loving
  • Candace Vianna
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  • 07 July 2019
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Candace Vianna ½ 9 Read

The Science of Loving Read & download í 9 Her He's the scariest man I’d ever seen Huge bald tattooed; a painted Aztec god All he needs is a bloody altar and a kni. Thanks to SamJ in reading this book first and Marta marking it as a freebie so I automatically needed to get my hands on itOh Matt oh Matt where have you been all my life Matt gets a whooping 5 Stars from me Believe me he deserved it although the inner monolgue was slightly overdone and sweetness was used to often for my liking Angie Angie Angie what are we to do with you 3 Stars from me At the beginning she had virtually no back bone and hell it did grow and I put that all on the James Family Matt s family is great I loved them Angie has no idea what affection is when it comes to her mother and lets face it her mother is a grade A cougar and she is married Bth Angie is set up with Matt by his meddling sister unfortunately she attracts weirdos but Super Matt saves the day He was a beautiful pagan god with the voice of a serial killer but that didn t make him any less god like It just meant rather than dying in some dank basement or isolated cabin I d die bound on an altar as part of some gruesome sacrificial rite Exsanguinating while he stood over my naked body with my blood dripping from an obsidian bladeAngelina Martin Matt had some pretty classic lines to go on Nice try sweetheart but there s no way you re leaving me alone with a barely aware drunk chick Who knows what she ll accused me of later This time tomorrow the cops could show up at my door and before you know it I m rocking an orange jumpsuit singing Summer Loving with a guy named Snake The secondary characters were superb that they sometimes made you forget about the main characters My favorites were Danny and Les 3 Stars The book is dual POV which is very refreshing The banter in the book was amazeballs and I was in stiches most of the time embarrassing especially when I was on the tram and I laughed out loud 5 Stars from me on that one This gives the book an overall 4 Star rating for me

Review The Science of LovingThe Science of Loving

The Science of Loving Read & download í 9 Tus until his tattoo artist sister decides to play matchmakerHim Danny's in love So everyone else meaning me should be too. 35 stars If I rated this book based on Mat alone it would ve been close to a 5 star read for me I just couldn t connect with the h I totally understand that her mom was terrible and cut her down as much as she could and this affected the h I can t even remember her name at this time But she had a very loving father and some people around her that really cared for her yet she still couldn t see her own worth She was just too immature for me Her inner dialogue of not being good enough for Mat and just being positive that he would tire of her and leave her at some point got very old Mat did absolutely everything in his power to show her how he felt and prove himself to her and she still just held him at arm s length When her mom would come around and fill her head with shit she would believe it and push Mat away once again Personally I think he could ve done better than her I loved all of the secondary characters especially Danny and Leslie They were freaking hilarious They had me laughing out loud so many times I did enjoy the book and would read by this author Hopefully we will get an h with a smidge of confidence

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The Science of Loving Read & download í 9 She’s a shy researcher obsessed with muscles He’s the bad boy of the architectural world content with his bachelor sta. Kindle Freebie Good all day today July 2 2015The Science of Loving by Candace Vianna