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Tom Wolfe ↠ 0 Summary Free download Ä The Kingdom of Speech ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Is a captivating paradigm shifting argument that speech not evolution is responsible for humanity's complex societies and achievementsFrom Alfred Russel Wallace the Englishman who beat Darwin to the theory of natural selection but later renounced it and through the c. When getting my Master s degree in English I discovered the fascinating world of linguistics With my emphasis in English as a Second Language I took classes in Psycholinguistics which is the physical and neurological aspects of language acuisition I was especially intrigued by how language functions similarly to the genetic code and I loved Modern Grammar which can be used with any language using the principles of Universal Grammar Universal Grammar postulates Noam Chomsky the founder and king of modern linguistic theory is innate in all human beings over all languages are similarly constructed of verbs adjectives and nouns What I didn t realize until I read Tom Wolfe s superb book The Kingdom of Speech was that Chomsky had been toppled from his position of linguistic demi Godhood by a relative newcomer Daniel Everett In The Kingdom of Speech Tom Wolfe not only takes down Chomsky in his usual sharp yet languid manner but Charles Darwin and his Just so stories on the evolution of man also undergo a much needed examination What ties Darwin Chomsky Everett and this book together is the uest to solve mystery of the origin of language Darwin guessed that language evolved from humans imitating bird speech Chomsky believed that language ability evolved within an as yet unknown brainnervous system organ However a relative newcomer in the world of linguistics Daniel Everett Moody Bible College graduate and former missionary to a remote ian tribe called the Piraha throws a monkey wrench into established Chomskyan linguistics What Everett discovers in this ian tribe is a people who do not have all of the Universal Grammar elements in their language Further they have no words for colors or numbers and they have no language for the past or future as they live in a state of eternal now Everett says that the uniueness of the Piraha language because it does not prescribe to Chomsky s Universal Grammar proves that language ability is not innate but actually an artifact created by humans to live in community In other words language is a tool a sophisticated tool somehow devised by humans over time I have a number of problems with Everett s ideas which Tom Wolfe by the way seems to totally embrace Everett see the Piraha as an example of the earliest humans They have embraced very little from other cultures in the rainforest because of their belief that anything outside of their culture is inferior and should be dismissed The Piraha s language although extremely difficult to learn is a very limited language in complexity sociological constructs and vocabulary This tribe can not even be counted as stone age in their technological development since they don t have stone tools Their only tools are very rudimentary bows and arrows They live in lean to s that are easily disposed of Having no concept for the future limits their desire or need perhaps to prepare for it Obviously such a people will leave few traces of their existence however I see no reason to view them as something from which stone age and present day humans have evolved Of course I am not a macro evolutionists and what I am about to say is terribly politically incorrect but could it not be eually true that this tribe is an example of devolution Cannot change change and evolution are synonyms happen in both directions For example present day humans have smaller brains and weaker physiues than Cro Magnon people I would be very interested to see a DNA analysis of this 300 or so person tribe I would not be surprised if they all have a common ancestor that broke off a few hundred or so years ago from another ian tribe Are they really a separate and distinct people as their language seems to imply I could speculate as to why their progenitors were not using a native language Could they have been feral children who have little experience of human language What kind of language would such a pair or of ferals create And although the extreme conditions of the rainforest make it seem unlikely for a child to survive without adults perhaps this is the case for the origins of the Pirahas Perhaps the progenitors were deafmutes I assume the tribe has no legends of their beginnings since they have little concept of the past so why or how they came to be will remain a mystery However the magnitude of Everett s claim has not been thoroughly examined it seems to me He is saying the Piraha s language is akin to a prima lingua If this is true it should be easily proven by the Piraha tribe having a separate and distinct DNA lineage because as we have seen throughout history when different people groups intermingle their languages also intermingle Everett is claiming by using them as an example of a prima indigenous people that this tiny tribe has somehow stayed intact separate an unchanged for what 10000 100000 1 million years It is hard to say because evolutionists throw out numbers for humanity s beginnings as easily as strippers throw off clothes All that is needed is a simple DNA test to prove if the Piraha are truly a separate indigenous people group In other words to make a whole new case for the origins of language based on one tiny tribe of people seems ludicrous I suppose my true colors as a Chomskyite are being exposed I do believe in an innate language ability that is wired into our brainsnervous system I only disagree with the evolutionary as in macro evolutionary origin of speech I would say that we are endowed by our creator with the ability to use speech and to understand language In Genesis the very first task that Adam was given was to name the animals And in the Gospel of John in the New Testament it states that In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God Language is divine It was especially interesting to me that Everett the former missionary turned away from Christ to follow the God of Anthropology and Evolution Interesting but hardly surprising There is no uicker way to derail and ruin a career in academia than to be a Christian Any theory of anything that is based on Intelligent Design rather than evolution is dismissed out of hand in this very small and narrow world Unfortunately the evolutionary worldview limits scholars to new hypotheses and possibilities as to the origin and development of languageIf you are interested in language or in understanding the philosophical trendsetters in the last 150 years I highly recommend The Kingdom of Speech Wolfe makes the journey in this 185 page book not only educational but enjoyable

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The Kingdom of Speech

Tom Wolfe ↠ 0 Summary Free download Ä The Kingdom of Speech ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ontroversial work of modern day anthropologist Daniel Everett who defies the current wisdom that language is hard wired in humans Wolfe examines the solemn long faced laugh out loud zig zags of Darwinism old and Neo and finds it irrelevant here in the Kingdom of Spee. Maybe Tom Wolfe should be commended for diving headfirst into a complicated even esoteric debate raging inside linguistics and exposing it to a far larger audience than ever before But praise for this book should really end there As someone with some formal training in linguistics and extensive exploration of the field as a hobby I read Wolfe s prose in the voice of a supremely confident almost entirely uninformed brat In dealing with the fraught hotly debated uestion of the origin of language Wolfe cannot resist engaging in gross simplifications and exaggerations which turned me off entirely and really limited his credibility as a narrator As an example he repeatedly boils long winded highly technical series of academic comments ie criticisms and their subseuent rebuttals into Facebook style clickbait headlines Everett et al DEMOLISH Chomsky and His Ilk Not once does he actually engage with the academic materials he references likely because he does not know how Wolfe is very obviously invested in a simple David and Goliath narrative one in which a humble soft spoken newcomer Dr Daniel Everett takes on the academic establishment and wins in resounding fashion In fact the matter in uestion is far far from settled and the thuggish intimidating Goliath in this case Noam Chomsky is mostly conjured out of thin air Perhaps most irritatingly Wolfe is not at all interested in grappling with the actual content of the academic debate he simply declares a winner and revels in the drama of his unlikely victoryWhen Wolfe does get around to positing where he thinks language came from or rather what he thinks Dr Everett thinks his summation is laughably simple even crude After repeatedly mocking some of the great minds of all time eg Darwin Chomsky for failing to construct an effective explanation for language s origins he puts forth an unbelievable almost comical theory that he spends all of two pages expounding Charles Darwin it turns out is no match for Tom WolfeThe whole thing is smug pretentious and frankly insulting Maybe worst of all Tom Wolfe abuses ellipses No seriously you will not believe the number of pointless ellipses he uses

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Tom Wolfe ↠ 0 Summary Free download Ä The Kingdom of Speech ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The maestro storyteller and reporter provocatively argues that what we think we know about speech and human evolution is wrongTom Wolfe whose legend began in journalism takes us on an eye opening journey that is sure to arouse widespread debate The Kingdom of Speech. If you ever wanted to read a book about a scientific field or two in Wolfe s trademark flamboyant prose that was utterly innocent of any understanding of science here s your chance This vapid piece of preening ignorance will stand as a pointless landmark or better yet sink like a witless stone to sturm und drang self regard As an erstwhile colleague of mine put it in his review of the book in the Washington Post here the book is unsullied by researchYou don t have to be an evolutionary biologist or a linguist to find this book a piece of mean spirited ad hominem drivel The book is filled with incorrect assertions to take just one formal Chomskyan linguists don t just sit around in air conditioned rooms making theories many have spent their careers doing fieldwork and documenting the intricacies of the grammars of languages all over the planet and the rest do the same on languages they don t need to travel much to study including their own native ones Without in depth careful observations about the grammars of human languages formal linguists wouldn t have anything to analyze To suggest anything else is a ridiculous lie Wolfe s imputation that lab scientists aren t real scientists because they don t spend their lives in the field would be laughable coming from anyone else From Wolfe it s just sad