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Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Nick Lloyd Nick Lloyd Þ 4 Free download Summary Hundred Days Allies' victories and the bitter reality of German defeat' Gary Sheffield Professor of War Studies 'Lloyd enters the upper tier of Great War historians with this admirable account of the war's final campaign' Publishers Weekly Nick Lloyd is Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies at King's College London based at the Joint Services Command Staff College in Shrivenham Oxfordshire He specialises in British military and imperial history in the era of the Great War and is the author of two books Loos 1915 2006 and The Amritsar Massacre The Untold Story of One Fateful Day 201. This is a well written and broad history of the end of WWI on the Western Front What surprised me most in reading this book was the fact that after enormous battles like Verdun and the Somme and four years of what was at the time the bloodiest conflict in human history the war did not end with some climactic battle a la Waterloo Instead the German Army was simply worn down by the starvation and disease inflicted by the blockade Bolshevik uprisings back home and mutiny within the ranks and the collapse of morale that came with the realization that America had entered the war fresh with a seemingly endless supply of men and materiel to draw from This lack of a marching through Berlin moment affected the post war German psyche and created the conditions for the rise of Hitler and the Second World War To a

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Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Nick Lloyd Nick Lloyd Þ 4 Free download Summary Hundred Days Nick Lloyd's 'Hundred Days The End of the Great War' explores the brutal heroic and extraordinary final days of the First World War On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent The Armistice which brought the Great War to an end marked a seminal moment in modern European and World history Yet the story of how the war ended remains little known In this compelling and ground breaking new study Nick Lloyd examines the last days of the war and asks the uestion How did it end Beginning at the heralded turning point on. Concise account of the Allied campaign that brought Germany to defeat in World War I Gives an understanding of just how much the Allies learned about 20th century warfare during 1914 1918 leading to tactical innovations that finally broke the stalemate on the Western Front Only drawback is a paucity of maps

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Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Nick Lloyd Nick Lloyd Þ 4 Free download Summary Hundred Days The Marne in July 1918 'Hundred Days' traces the epic story of the next four months which included some of the bloodiest battles of the war Using unpublished archive material from five countries this new account reveals how the Allies British French American and Commonwealth managed to beat the German Army by now crippled by indiscipline and ravaged by influenza and force her leaders to seek peace 'This is a powerful and moving book by a rising military historian Lloyd's depiction of the great battles of July November provides compelling evidence of the scale of the. I always feel that WWI gets the shaft compared to WWII even though they are eually important for explaining the world in which we presently reside Even so after thoroughly exploring the main narratives in college I mostly focus on the forgotten fronts these days Italy vs Austria Hungary the Balkans the Middle East East Africa you name itBut one thing that always bothered me was that while the Western Front is covered to extremity particularly the very start of the war and the slaughterhouse battles of the Somme and Verdun a battlefield which I have personally visited and is uite moving in its terrible and still scarred grandeur is how the last and arguably most important stages of the war the combined Allied offensives after the failure of the German gamble in Spring of 1918 gets overlooked Even Keeg