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  • Beauty Killers
  • Kathy Braidhill
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  • 22 February 2018
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Summary Beauty Killers 109 Ld indulge his darkest wildest obsessions They worked together as a team luring girls into their twisted world of violence and depravity They drugged them trained them bound them abused them And for many years Michael and Janeen were never caughtuntil police uncovered the body of a Las Vegas teen in a horse trailer One b. This book is written in a twisted chronological pretzel jumping back and forth through at least eight years as it tells the story of a serial killer and his accomplice a young woman groomed for the job from the time she was twelve or thirteen It is a testament to the skill of the author that it is possible to read this book without becoming totally confused or lost and the method allows for a fiction worthy story arc but this is not fiction a straightforward chronology might not carry the plot and optimize placement of various reveals but it might aid in understanding the eventsThe story itself is horrific this is the most brutal read of any true crime book in my experience including Kate Millett s The Basement I recommend this book but not as a lark or light readingIt is astounding to read the percentage of people in this book who have used or abused meth nearly everyone from the main criminals to most of the victims andor their relatives or dating partners are meth users of some sort and freuently it was not the meth that brought the criminal and victim together

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Summary Beauty Killers 109 Janeen Snyder was only fourteen when she moved in with Michael Thornton his wife and teenage daughter Michael was a successful entrepreneur and family man with eight beauty salons and a six figure income but two years later he gave it all up to run away with Janeen At last on the road with his new young lover Michael cou. Was an interesting read but there was something missing i m not sure what was missing can t put my finger on it but something was missing interesting though and would recommend

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Summary Beauty Killers 109 Y one detectives found other victims the lucky ones who survived but had been too terrified to come forward Soon the world would learn just how sick and deranged these lovers really were Beauty Killers is a terrifying true story of sex torture and murder an illicit affair between two people who discovered a desire to kil. read that last true crime so i thought i would try another dont really like true crimelol