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Summary A Daughters Disgrace 108 Born child – and for the first time she is master of her own destinyForgivenBut when the baby arrives Alison feels no love for her new son Terrified that history will repeat itself can she find a way to love her child And will she ever find the forgiveness she craves from her famil. I really enjoyed this book love a happy ending

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Summary A Daughters Disgrace 108 A heartrending story of family shame from Sunday Times bestseller Kitty Neale A gritty London tale perfect for fans of Katie Flynn Nadine Dorries and Maureen Lee1950s Battersea is no place for a shamed womanFracturedAlison is the ugly duckling of her family and has always been treate. An ugly duckling story that takes place in 1950s Battersea It just seems to drag on and on miserably Too many bitchy females and nasty characters all flat so I really don t care what happens to them in the story Nor can I understand the raving reviews here

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Summary A Daughters Disgrace 108 D with disdain by her mother After years of being bullied she is drawn to the one man who shows her affection But when he brutally rapes her leaving her pregnant she is cast outForgottenShunned by her family Alison must start to make her own way and plan a life for herself and her un. A Daughter s Disgrace by Kitty Neale is a lovely British historical novel It is set in 1950 s in Battersea starts in 1957 Cora Butler is the widowed mother of three daughters Linda is married to Terry Owens and they have a little three year old daughter named June Hazel is the middle daughter and the loveliest of the three sisters Cora treats Hazel like a ueen Alison is the youngest daughter and is considered homely Alison has suffered abuse at the hands of her mother and Hazel all her life They are constantly putting her down Cora cannot stand her youngest daughter Alison is taller than most girls and men When Alison is let go from a local factory she gets a job with the local butcher Fred Chapman Next door at the hardware store is a nice looking young man named Pau